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   jew jokes

jew jokes-23/04/2017

Did you hear about the new tires, Fire stein?

They not only stop on a dime, they also pick it up!

I hope Hanukkah shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday saved you money but not

enought to perpetuate a stereotype

Moishe asked Shmuel, Was your wife outspoken ? Shmuel said Not by anyone I know of

Q: What’s the difference between a Rottweiler and a Jewish mother?

A: Eventually, the Rottweiler lets go.




   jew jokes

jew jokes-22/04/2017

What is the difference between a jew and bacon?
One tasted good after being smoked

What’s the difference between a pizza and a Jew?–
You take the pizza out in one piece.

Christians always go on about the time Jesus fed five thousand people

with five loaves and two fishes

What is the difference between a ton of coal and 1,000 Jews?

Jews burn longer!




   jew jokes

jew jokes-21/04/2017

Why did the jews hate the holocaust? Answer: It cost them way too much?

What’s the difference between 6 million dollars and 6 million Jews?
I would actually care if I lost 6 million dollars!!!

How do you cook a Jewish person? All jew have to do is call up hitler

What’s the difference between a camper and a Jew?
One comes back from camp




   jew jokes

jew jokes-20/04/2017

how do jew get a jewish jew to help jew kill the jews?
jew pick them up with the dustpan that jew have

What does a jewish woman make for dinner?

why did the jews die? they did nazi it coming

A jewish guy and a black guy jump off a bridge
Who hits the ground first?
The black guy because poop falls faster than ash.




   jew jokes

jew jokes-19/04/2017


Who is the most well known Jewish cook?

what do you call a jew in Holland

Why don’t Jewish Women cook?
They can’t stand the smell of gas, Or They won’t go near an oven.

6 million Jews had a trip, they never came out of the chamber!




   jew jokes

jew jokes-18/04/2017

Why was Hitler so mad at breakfast?
Because they served him orange jews.

What’s a Jews worst nightmare?  Being creamated.

Q: Whats the worst thing about being a black Jew?
A: They make you sit in the back of the oven.

Whats the difference between a Jew and a pizza? A pizza doesn’t scream when you put it in the oven.




   jew jokes

jew jokes-17/04/2017

Theres 1000 jews and 1 german in a taxi, wheres all the jews? In the ashtray

Why are there so many black Jews  because they were at the back of the line for the gas chamber

What’s the difference between juice and Jews? One goes in and the other goes out

Where does a Jewish boy with AD-HD go?
-Concentration camp


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