Jew jokes – 24/02/2017

Jew jokes - 24/02/2017

Jew jokes for Friday, 24 February  2017. What is the difference between… Really love my 19th century…

Jew jokes

– What is the difference between a Jew and boy scout.
– The boy scout comes back from camp.

Jew jokes - 24-02-2017


– Really love my 19th century gold pocket watch.
– My Jewish grandfather sold it to me on his deathbed.

Jew jokes - 24-02-2017


– What’s the difference between Usain Bolt and Adolf Hitler?
– Usain bolt can Finish a race.

Jew jokes - 24-02-2017


– Did you hear about the Jew who had attention deficit disorder.
– He got put into a concentration camp.

Jew jokes


– A Jew walks in to a wall with a boner. What hits first?
– His nose.

Jew jokes

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